About Us

General profile

Jeffery Travels is a Limited Liability Company; is operational since 1987 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The registered office is located in Kinshasa Mayumbe building on the Boulevard of June 30, Gombe. Our business hours are from 08:30 ‘to 17:00 Monday to Friday and from 08:30 to 13:00 on Saturday without interuptions. Other hand, for any unforeseen emergency of our customers, we have put in place, to them, a permanence of services that works round the clock and every day, Saturday afternoon Sundays and holidays there including. For more details about the permanence in services please contact Customer Service

Principal activities


  • Reservation and ticket issuing both on the local and international network.
  • Travel document delivery and related services; We have tickets for all the stock represented airlines


Secondary Activities

  • Transportation and airport assistance and in Beach Ngobila (in baggage handling and booking the VIP lounge if necessary) at both departing and arriving ;
  • National and international rental car.
  • Hotels booking
  • We opened our first hotels 3 stars named << Lubumbashi Hotels>>, which is located on Avenue June 30 in Lubumbashi, a quiet and peaceful place. The hotel has three categories of rooms with toilets, cable TV, broadband internet connection and a laundry room. For further information about services for this please contact the hotel service or to the email address: lubumbashi@jefferytravels.com
  • Travel Insurance inSHENGEN space. Our collaboration with Samiris and Word Escapade can cover travel insurance through the whole world
  • In partnership with Ecobank, we are an under-representation of Western Union.
  • Entry Visa and residence. Through a relationship we have the possibility to facilitate obtaining visas and stays of documents from the relevant services: Visa Dubai, Thailand, China, Malaysia, South Africa, Ghana, Benin, Uganda, Kenya, Congo Brazzaville, Ivory Coast, etc.
  • Tourism and leisure Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Medical tourism in India, South Africa and Mauritius Islands.
  • conferences Organizations.
  • DHL Representative for the shipment of mail and packages worldwide
  • International sale of 3G SIM cards GlobalRoaming valid in 190 countries.
  • Package Business Person.